FIIAPP is the Spanish management unit for the EU Twinning programme. FIIAPP aims at improving the institutional framework and functioning of public systems of the countries where it works, through projects that promote the exchange of experiences between administrations.


Finlands kunskaper om offentlig förvaltning har exporterats till EU:s närområden redan under 20 års tid. Med hjälp av utvecklingsprogrammet 

Projekten kan genomföras av en myndighet eller av en annan offentlig aktör med kommissionens godkännande (s.k. mandated body). Se hela listan på EU - US Twinning Activities The European Commission (EC) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) have been in discussion to sponsor a twinning initiative to encourage collaboration between mobility-related projects in Europe and the United States. Twinning ist ein von der EU finanziertes Instrument zur Förderung von Partnerschaften zwischen Behörden aus den EU-Mitgliedsstaaten und Staaten mit EU-Beitrittsperspektive, Staaten der europäischen Nachbarschaft sowie seit 2020 mit Ländern der europäischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. The EU Twinning Support to the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the accession to the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure, Convention […] 25/02/2020 EU Twinning EU Ambassador to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret said: “All of our Twinning projects demonstrate the importance of EU-Israel cooperation, which benefits ultimately to people, citizens and consumers, by developing our shared interests and learning from each other to overcome challenges. On October 21, 2020, the Lithuanian, German and Romanian competition authorities partnering under the EU Twinning project “Legal and Enforcement Support to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU)“ met to discuss the key priorities and results that they aim to achieve during the project implementation. EU Twinning - Industrial Emissions Directive March 17, 2017 · We have started a Stakeholder Consultation process with regard to Draft primary and secondary legislation for the transposition of the Industrial Emissions Directive in Macedonia under Component 2 (Activity 2.3) of the Twinning Project.

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Twinning Office. Address: c/o Agency for Agro Credit and Development (AKIA) Ahmad Rajabli 329-339, Chinar Park, (Bina 1, 5th floor, room 14),Baku, Azerbaijan. Telephone: -. RTA - Riccardo Passero

A twinning project strengthens a specific field of research in an emerging institution in a Widening country. It links the institution with at least two internationally leading counterparts in Europe. Twinning Brief Description.

PhD project title: Participation in EU law-making though consultation - achieving Institutional twinning opens a possibility to experience the EU's enlargement 

Twinning Udine-Zadar: ideas sharing for sustainability and climate adaptation Udine (Italy), as a part of the EU Covenant of Mayors Twinning Programme. eTwinning är en gemensam samarbetsyta för skolor i Europa.

"The European Commission has selected a Twinning project carried out by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Finnish Environment Institute as one of last year’s most successful Twinning projects. Finland conducted the project together with two other EU Member States, Austria and Latvia, in Azerbaijan in 2016–2019.

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Both organisations are working together in the form of a twinning initiative to encourage collaboration between mobility-related projects in Europe and the United States. The aim of Twinning is to help new EU member states, accession candidates and EU neighbouring states bring their legislation in line with EU law (or acquis communautaire), build up structures necessary for its implementation and strengthen administrative capacities. Last but not least - an intense final to seven years of the EU-China NGO Twinning Program The week from 14 to 19 October 2019 marked the final workshop of the 2019 EU-China NGO Twinning. European and Chinese partner organizations gathered one last time for a Capacity MONDAY ON THE COUCH: China and Gender Studiare Sviluppo is an authorised Mandated Body for the implementation of Eu Twinning projects. Enter our universe of twinning!
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Democratic engagement and civic participation within the within the”Europe for Citizens 2014 -  DigitalHealthEurope is funding a Twinning Scheme which directly supports the The approach has been successfully tested in a number of EU projects and  15 Jul 2020 2 Central banks, supervisory authorities and EU twinning projects. Ladies and gentlemen,. The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an  6 Nov 2013 This is an educational video for training the stakeholders involved in fighting illegal shipments of waste in Croatia, made during the EU Project:  10 Dec 2019 Accredia has concluded the twinning project promoted by the European Commission in support of the Azerbaijan Accreditation Body.

It links the institution with at least two internationally leading counterparts in Europe.
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EU Twinning, 2002-2004. Tanzania. Pilot project within the frame of a previous Global programme with funding from Sida, 2007-2010. Tunisia. EU Twinning together with Austria and France, 2012-2014. Hungary. EU Twinning together with the United Kingdom, 2000-2001. Uruguay

Dansk deltagelse i EU's Twinning programmer EU-Kommissionen har siden 1998 finansieret twinning-projekter til opbygning af institutioner og administrative systemer i EU-kandidatlande og EU-nabolande. Formålet er at styrke modtagerlandenes evne til at gennem­føre og håndhæve EU-reglerne i deres egne lande eller i øvrigt at tilnærme sig vestlige standarder. Twinning – Kollegialt stöd för att utveckla förvaltning. Twinningprojekten stödjer utvecklingen av förvaltning och lagstiftning i de länder som omfattas av EU:s utvidgnings- och grannskapspolitik.

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EU Twinning. In the course of the European Union efforts to establish a European Common Aviation Area ( ECAA) including north and south eastern European countries and the EU member states, all future partner states should standardize their legislation by adopting EU aviation rules in areas such as aviation safety, air traffic management, safety management, environmental standards, public

3 Reference Modification of text (in track changes) Clarification New About. With the support of the EU Delegation to India, the EU-India Think Tanks Twinning Initiative aims to bring together the brightest minds from the EU and India to develop together ideas on how the two can further strengthen their strategic partnership through cooperation in the fields of foreign and security policy, global governance and international affairs. Twinning projects are drafted and put out to tender by IPA /ENI states in consultation with the European Commission. The projects are awarded at the end of a competitive process in which interested administrative bodies from the EU member states draw up proposals and present them in the countries where the projects will run. 2015-08-12 The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is chiefly a bilateral policy between the EU and each partner country and governs the EU’s relations with 16 of its eastern and southern neighbours. The European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) is the main financial instrument for implementing the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and provides the bulk of EU funding to the 16 ENP partner countries.